Our Communities

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What is community/cell group?

Community group or in another word, cell group is groups of people that followed Jesus and build the foundation of faith together.

We are committed to:

"challenge and support, to confide and confess, to forgive and to be forgiven, to laugh and weep together, to be accountable to one another, to watch over each other and grow together. Personal growth does not happen in isolation. It is the result of interactive relationships. Small groups are God's gift to foster changes in character and spiritual growth."

Dr Gilbert Bilezikian

We would like to invite you to journey together! We meet on Fridays at 8.30pm at different locations listed below:

North Section 1

North Section 1 Cell LeaderContact
1. Saujana Impian 1Lim Kim Hock012-9055989
2. Saujana Impian 2Raymond Wong012-2239435
3. African CarecellPS U Charles016-6974183
North Section 2Cell LeaderContact
4. Sg Long 1Emily Lau017-3020701
5. Sg Long 2Rachel Chang012-2143421
South SectionCell LeaderContact
6. Bukit MewahFred Tan012-8877579
7. TownDavid Christy016-37033390
8. Jln Bukit 2Alfred Chelliah019-2353949
East Section 1Cell LeaderContact
9. Sg JelokLilian Bong017-2282341
10. Taman RestuGeorge Teh012-3897283
11. Asa JayaElton Sun019-2190060
East Section 2
12. Bandar TeknologiEddie Fong016-3311630
13. Setia Semenyih Tan Seng Seng012-9369163
14. Kjg Prima 1Chong Chun Kiat012-6544673
15. Kjg Prima 2Loke Yew Ken012-9313131
West SectionCell LeaderContact
16. Jln Bukit 1Leong Heng Cheong012-2383036
17. GardenEliza Chelliah012-3200356
18. Sg ChuaTommy Boo012-2143850
19. Reko Eagle Roland Chinniah019-2866338
Lifehouse (Young Adult)
Cell LeaderContact
20. The Tribe
Taman Bukit Kajang Baru
Aaron Lee017-3269154
21. The Acts
Tmn Bukit Mewah
Isaac Rabindranath019-6730821
22. The Bridge
Taman Maju, Sg Jelok
Ban Weng Lun012-4568918
23. The 12
Jade Hills
Belle Foong012-3502806
Lytehouse (Campus)
Cell LeaderContact
24. LH @ Central
Fong Kar Mun014-2273307
25. LH @ North
Saujana Impian/Sg Long
Gloria Chang012-3013937
26. LH @ West
Sg Chua/IUKL
Elaine Foong012-2905972
Powerhouse (Youth) (Sat 4 – 6pm)
Cell LeaderContact
27. PH@Wave (KAOG@Timur)
Alethea Lee012-5061140
28. PH@NRG (KAOG@Metro)Abigail Chang012-3201315
29. PH@Army (KAOG@Metro)Amelyn Tan010-7979163
30. PH@Fire (KAOG@Metro)Agnes Cham012-6274370


Adults Communities

Adults communities comes from a good mix of more seasoned and mature Christians that has a heart to build solid family foundation and leading young families deeper into healthy relationships. If family orientated community is what you're looking for, check them out to find a family, a home that is waiting readily for you.

Taman Restu Cell

Led by brother George Teh, this community comprise of young adults to adults. Meeting weekly at 8:30pm on Friday. Their motto "come hungry!". Community is the very heart of this cell. Contact brother George at 012-3897283 to visit or join them!

Sg Jelok Cell

Sg Jelok community are active not only in social welfare activity, they are also actively serving in church's ministry such as healing rooms, prayer movements and connecting people. We are passionate to help people to know Jesus and we are a cell that constantly encourage each other to be present in people's life. The study of Word of God is the core of this community. To know them more, contact Lilian 017-2282341

Town Care Cell

Hi we are Town Care Cell! The 11 of us are made up of a diverse age group – from 20s to 70s. We do have a unique composition, we have learned how to relate to one another even though we have plenty of differences to speak of. Most of us are working professionals. We meet in different homes every week and once a month, we will visit our oikos to bless them and their families. Our members often go out for meals together too.

Contact David: 016-37033390

Kajang Prima 2

These bunch are young families that knows how to have fun! Other than work, they make it a priority to build each other up whether in workforce or building family. Most of them are actively serving in KAOG. If you need a family that embraces both work and children well, this is your home! Contact Yew Ken at 012-9313131

Saujana Impian 1

Intercessory prayers, petitions and praises to the Lord is the motto of this cell. Every week there are powerful testimonies of the faithfulness of God. With our without music instruments, praises never cease from their lips

Contact Lim: 012-9055989

The Lifehouse (Young Adults)

Lifehouse consist of enthusiastic young adults that aims to cause the environment around them to be saturated in God's grace, mercy and righteousness. Focusing especially in the marketplace as this group of young people spend most their place in workplace. Join them to make the vision of nurturing nations to better place come true!!

The Acts

Reaching out touching lives is the banner of this community! They are a very exciting, energetic and witty bunch of people who is on fire for God to be involve and journey along with anyone that God sends their way! Join Isaac, Susan and the YA2 family join to experience and share the love of God

Contact Isaac: 019-6730821


The12 are working young adults that place their heart on serving people around them in the marketplace. They empower and encourage each other to extend God's love and grace faithfully, wherever they are placed. Give Belle a nudge at 012-3502806 to join them to light up the cities!

LyteHouse (Campus)

LytheHouse are campuses community that sets out to help students to settle in new environment and to feel at home through new communities! Led by young leaders, the dynamic and energy are contagious!


Hello people!! We are campus students from different universities from the west region of Kajang such as IUKL, UCSI, and more. We choose to love one another because God first loved us, which is why we are determined to share His love with everyone around us! We support each other in practical actions and prayer. Let us drown you in our persistent love!

Contact Elaine Foong: 012-2905972