Sonshine Kids

KAOG Children Church

This fun-filled, energy-packed and creative children’s ministry is NOT for the fainthearted! Week after week, the team of Children’s Church workers leads the children through sessions of exciting and exhilarating Children’s Church Services. In this ministry, you will experience the joy of seeing many children giving their hearts to Jesus and enjoying God in their own way.


Creative and practical methods such as music, drama, handicraft, puppetry, multimedia and discussions are used to present biblical truths to the little ones.

The vision of this dynamic ministry is to raise up and nurture children who love God and fear Him even at a tender age.


If you are available, creative and good with children, then you have what it takes to be a part of the Children’s Church Ministry!

English Children Church

Person to contact: Sis Shally Chin


Tamil Children Church

Person to contact: Bro Richard


BM Children Church

Person to contact: Sapriani Munthe


Chinese Children Church

Person to contact: Liaw Lee Ping